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Nowadays, fast and reliable Internet access for construction sites may be a decisive factor for the success of the project just as much as the energy supply is. Providing construction sites with DSL is hardly ever possible, as it is either not available at all, proves to be uneconomical for the investor, or because laying wires takes too long. Especially during larger projects it is of utmost importance to have direct access to the architect’s plans at any time, to information relating to the technical building equipment, or to safety features. General contractor Köster GmbH from Osnabrück, Northern Germany, put special emphasis on the project and local site management to have access to the IT tools developed by the company itself over the past few years which are used to reliably steer process control. That’s why Köster GmbH chose a Viprinet solution.

Overview of Benefits

  • Immediate Internet link for every construction site, independent of location
  • Optimal connection at every location due to modular structure
  • Mobile: Usage at the next construction site after completion of building project

The task

Köster GmbH aimed at furnishing all construction sites throughout Germany with a secure and reliable Internet connection as of day one. The routers used should be able to combine different media from different service providers to a single logical IP stream while Köster’s own data center should be the VPN termination. By bonding different technologies (e.g. 3G, 4G, or DSL) or bonding the same technology from different providers, a connection should be achievable anywhere. In addition, the devices would have to have a rugged design to persist everyday life at construction sites; and they would have to be flexible enough to enable long-term feasibility after module changes. Also, a quick and easy installation was a prerequisite for Köster GmbH as the routers would immediately be used at another construction site after handing over the property to the customer.


Viprinet allows bonding different network technologies and different service providers into one virtual high-speed connection. First, a Multichannel VPN Hub 1000 was installed in the company-owned data center. Viprinet technicians then explained the router’s functional possibilities and configuration to the IT division during a remote implementation day. Further implementation was fairly easy, as the division could intuitively configure the devices by themselves. After that, the company began fitting the construction sites with Viprinet Multichannel VPN Routers one by one. Sites that previously hadn’t been connected at all or only insufficiently were connected to the company network first. On average, Köster GmbH use the devices at each construction site for about eight months. After completing the building works, employees take the devices to the next construction site where they are equipped with modules that best suit the respective location.


Due to multiple 3G and 4G links of several Internet providers, Köster GmbH is now able to use a highly available broadband connection at every construction site right from the start. Using Viprinet technology, the company has managed to connect construction sites even at locations that, otherwise, could not have been connected to the Internet at all, too late, or only at huge cost. For Köster GmbH, Viprinet has been firmly established as a part of of infrastructure provision for large-scale construction sites. By now, a second Multichannel VPN Hub 2000 has been put in operation to form a reliable cluster across two data centers in combination with the already existing Hub 1000. High bandwidth, reliability, and a tap-proof access to the corporate network are now feasible at all locations.

Customer Opinion

viprinet case study koesterbau

Our process-oriented approach to construction makes us very successful at the market. We’re using IT-based project management tools that are used to direct all planning and construction processes. Thus, our project leaders at the construction sites depend on a secure and reliable Internet connection at any time – no matter where the project takes place. We’re very satisfied with the Viprinet routers because they give us security.

Carsten Busse
Köster GmbH

Customer Profile

Köster GmbH

  • Branch/Business operating area: Construction
  • Established: 1938
  • Sites: 17
  • Number of employees: 1,500
  • Contact: Carsten Busse, Head of IT Department, Köster GmbH, Osnabrück, Germany

Project Facts

Reliable connection of construction sites to the corporate network

Hardware used:
25 Multichannel VPN Routers 300
1 Multichannel VPN Hub 1000
1 Multichannel VPN Hub 2000 operated in cluster
45 Modules, mix of Ethernet, UMTS/HSPA and LTE (depends on location of site)

Project launch: 2012

Number of sites connected: 25 (changing)

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